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Mixed media, 25 centimeters in diameter. Scale around 1:160Mixed media, 25 centimeters in diameter, 2023.

This planet is a commissioned work for the Swiss watchmaker TAG HEUER. The idea was to represent the racing spirit of the brand by showing some of the sports in which the brand is involved .

So, of course, we have a portion of the Monaco circuit, for which TAG Heuer is the official Chrono.
Its legendary Fairmont (Loews) hairpin, in which we see Max Verstappen and his F1 Red Bull RACING 🏎️

⛳️We then arrive at a golf course before passing through one of Switzerland’s TAG Heuer factories in Chevenez🇨🇭

⌚️A quick shopping break in the TAG Heuer shop overlooking the planet before getting back into the swing of things on a rooftop tennis court, and we end up on the beach with our surf🏄‍♂️ , watching for the beautiful waves to form before jumping into the water.

The scale used is approximately 1:160 and everything was entirely done by me over hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. It was a great pleasure and honor to make this piece, which is now installed at TAG Heuer headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.



The T-H.Planet was a several months project. From the design sketches to the finish project photographs, it took approximatively 5 months. From the lampposts to the roof's tiles absolutely everything on Tristan Blondeau's artworks is made by hand in his studio.

A lot of technics and materials are used to get a realistically render of textures with that touch of cartoons influence. More Thant 50 LEDS are included in the planet to give life to is as soon as it is night time. 


THE EDGE Magazine

article in THE EDGE magazine about the planet
made for TAG Heuer in 2022/23.           

the T-H.Planet displayed at the TAG Heuer head-quarter in Geneva.

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